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Childcare and Early Learning Centres Near Bowery Deanside

When looking for a home, there is always a lot  to consider; budget, location and accessible educational facilities.  Bowery is located in the vicinity of many great childcare and early learning centres allowing close access for all future residents.

Penguin Childcare Caroline Springs

Penguin Childcare Caroline Springs is committed to quality child care for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. This centre provides parents with a long day care program that can accommodate 60 children, and a funded early learning program that can take up to 30 children a day. The facility is equipped with architecturally-designed playgrounds and adjoining sleeping rooms for younger children. Children’s meals are prepared by a qualified on-site chef using ingredients fresh from the market. Parents can rest assured that their children’s individual needs are provided and respected, including their religious and cultural values, and are even encouraged to check their child’s progress throughout the day by communicating with the staff.

Address: 2 Becca Way, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 9449 4999


Goodstart Early Learning Hillside

A purpose-built child care centre, Goodstart Early Learning Hillside caters for children from 6 weeks to school age. They have qualified educators who have earned Certificate III and Diploma in early childhood services and most of them are parents themselves. Meals are provided by the centre, from breakfast, morning tea, and lunch to afternoon tea and late snack. In addition to the five rooms catering for four different age groups, they also have age-appropriate shaded playgrounds. It is easier for parents to pack things for their kids as nappies and sunscreen are already provided by the centre. Activities such as kinder dance, weekly complimentary cooking classes, and planting plants and vegetables in the garden are also part of the children’s learning journey.

Address: 60 Community Hub, Sydenham

Phone number: (03) 8390 9932


Caroline Springs Child Care and Kindergarten: A Little Flyers Learning Centre

Located at the heart of Caroline Springs, this childcare and kindergarten’s philosophy aims to cultivate children’s love for learning. Caroline Springs Child Care and Kindergarten do this by recognising the strengths and interests of an individual child, allowing them to develop their own unique knowledge, culture, and values. As an advocate for sustainability, the centre teaches children to respect and care for their surroundings. Children are encouraged to join in planting and harvesting fresh fruit and vegetables which are then used in the centre’s rotating menu. They have four programs—infant care for those under two years old; toddler care for those who are two to three years old; kinder care for three-year-olds; and kindergarten for those who are four years old.

Address: 1 The Crossing, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 9363 7622


Brookside Early Learning Centre

For parents who want a safe, warm, and nurturing environment for their children, family-oriented Brookside Early Learning Centre is a good choice. It makes use of educational curriculums that support the Early Years Learning Framework while also giving importance to the philosophy of learning through play. The centre advocates for diversity by offering a multicultural program that respects each individual child’s background regardless of their culture, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, gender, or abilities. Meals are prepared by an excellent chef trained to accommodate children with further food requirements.

Address: 21 Federation Way, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 9449 5330


The Sanctuary at Hillside

A family-owned facility, The Sanctuary at Hillside was established in 2014. It offers long day care and early learning program services that can accommodate up to 85 children from six weeks to pre-school age. With its individualised learning and development plans, the centre supports young children to explore, grow, and learn. Mindful of the environment, the highly trained educators teach the value of nature to children by letting the little ones experience the growing and picking of simple herbs, fruit, and vegetables. The children are allowed to participate in preparing meals in a kitchen especially designed for this purpose. There is also a dining room where family members and friends can share meals.

Address: 2 Sunningdale Drive, Hillside

Phone number: 1300 131 958


Guardian Childcare and Early Learning Centre

A quality provider of childcare services, Guardian Childcare and Early Learning Centre is dedicated to nurturing young children through programs ranging from nursery and toddler to kinder and preschool. The centre provides five nutritionally balanced meals, sunscreen, nappies, and bedding. Children have plenty of room to move and explore with extended outdoor play spaces. The play spaces have a multitude of recyclable materials like boxes that children use in constructing buildings and other experiments that fuel their imagination and creativity. Excursions are part of the curriculum where children get the chance to explore the local area and feel a sense of belonging in the community.

Address: 4 The Parks, Hillside

Phone number: (03) 8361 6111


Community Kids Sydenham Early Education Centre

A small centre that prides itself as a home away from home, Community Kids Sydenham Early Education Centre accepts children from birth to six years. Their learning programs cater for children’s needs including physical, intellectual, social, and emotional. Children are offered creative play experiences and specialised programs tailored to prepare them for school and beyond. They provide four sets of meals prepared by the in-house cook, nappies, and large, natural play environments. They also have a sustainability program and a sports program.

Address: Cnr Pecks Road and Trickey Avenue, Sydenham

Phone number: (03) 9390 1144


Josie’s Bright Beginnings Kindergarten and Childcare

A small, warm, and friendly centre in Hillside, Josie’s Bright Beginnings and Childcare offers long day care, kindergarten, Montessori, and before and after care services. With the children’s welfare and wellbeing in mind, the centre pays attention to each child’s social and psychological development in a nurturing and stimulating environment. Their curriculum is based on the The Early Years Learning Framework that embodies the idea of belonging, being, and becoming. Diversity and the unique abilities and interests of children are recognised and respected. Meals are made from fresh ingredients, are constantly varied and cater for all dietary requests. The centre is one of the firsts to employ the practice of disinfectant fogging to sterilise the area of each room, providing a cleaner and safer place for children.

Address: 47-49 Wattle Valley Drive, Hillside

Phone number: (03) 9449 0777


Early Learning Centre, Aintree

Opened in February 2017, Early Learning Centre, Aintree caters for children aged 2 to 5 with a fully integrated kindergarten for children aged 3 to 5. The centre is committed to offering broad-ranging educational options, implementing the most current and highest form of early year’s learning development. It follows the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework in which success is used as a powerful motivator for children, teaching them the essence of resilience and hard work. Parents are also encouraged to share relevant information and clarify their responsibilities in order to ensure the continuity of learning and transition for each child. Provided meals are nutritious and appropriate for each child.

Address: 5-7 Quarry Road, Aintree

Phone number: (03) 5366 4900