Latest News - April

Construction Underway at Bowery

Construction at Bowery Deanside is well underway! This is a truly exciting time, as progress continues apace on Deanside’s latest community. For your viewing pleasure, check out the video below to see just how things will take shape.

As you might expect, building something from the ground up involves a great deal of coordination to ensure everything is in place before things like roads and homes can arise, and this process allows key milestones to be ticked off in a way that makes for measurable, logical sense.

Let’s take a look at what those phases consist of in a little more detail.

Phase 1: Earthworks

One of the first stages in the construction process is getting the dirt just right. During this phase, we focus on clearing topsoil and levelling out the site. This can include adding or removing dirt, and also breaking and removing rock in order to prepare the land for the coming phases.

Phase 2: Sewer & Drainage

Once the land is level, the digging and laying of key services can commence. This will include a network of stormwater and sewer pipes that can rely on angles and gravity to push away from your future home.

Phase 3: Connection of Services

Shallower services come next. The installation of these services allows your future home to be ‘connected’. Each lot will be installed with water connections, gas and electrical lines, as well as fibre optics (NBN).

Phase 4: Streetscapes

This is when you’ll really see the magic happen, as we get the place looking top notch! Your future lot will start to take shape with roads and kerbs, footpaths and driveways, light poles and finally topsoil. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to commence your own build journey and meet your future neighbours!

Phase 5: Practical Completion and Compliance

Now that we’ve got your land almost ready, the local council will inspect everything, ensuring that we have adhered to the guidelines for construction, and the place visually looks complete. Once the council has signed off on practical completion, all key authorities will consent to compliance and acknowledge that the technical standards have been achieved for all infrastructure. This phase can take up to 6 weeks from commencement.

Phase 6: Titles

Once statement of compliance has been achieved, the overall stage plan is submitted to the Land Titles Office where they will review and allocate the title for your lot.

Phase 7: Settlement

Congratulations! Fourteen days after titles have been issued, you can finally commence the build of your future home at Bowery Deanside.

As recently advised by the Welsh Developments Settlement Team, title registration is now likely to occur in July 2020 for Stage 1A and August 2020 for Stage 1BIf you have any questions regarding your upcoming settlement, the Welsh Developments Settlement Team is available to assist. Please email with any queries you may have.

As things move forward, we’ll make sure to keep everyone up to speed with how things are taking shape here at Bowery. Keep an eye out for updates over on our Facebook and Instagram page. And if you have any questions, give us a call on 0427 398 171.