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Electrical Upgrades to Discuss with Your Builder

When it comes to building new, there are a few things that are easier to do during construction rather than once a home is complete. Electrical work is one such thing. Not only will this save you money down the line, but it will also ensure any electric upgrades to the home are covered under warranty. Here are a few suggestions for cost-effective additions you might like to discuss with your builder.

Power points in handy places

In this day and age, you can never have too many power points. That doesn’t mean you should go and put them all over your house, but be strategic. Think about putting in sockets with four plug points instead of two. And be mindful of where you use your gadgets. For instance, you might want to include a double power point with double USB in your kitchen. This will allow you to plug in all your appliances and also connect your phone, so you can charge while following a recipe.

Lastly, think about placement – not all power points need to be down near the floor.

Smart lighting

If you’re someone who loves the latest technology, installing a smart lighting system might be for you. This basically involves installing a Bluetooth connected light switch that enables you to operate your lighting from an app.

From there, you can then control the timing (turning lights on and off) and dimming from a smart device. For example, you may choose to have multiway switching and dimming control from your bedside and doorway, to control the ambience in your bedroom.

LED downlights

Depending on your builder, downlights may be included in a few key rooms – like the entry, living, dining and kitchen. But if you want more, be sure to chat with your builder to work out a lighting plan before construction gets underway. Adding additional downlights may involve an extra cost, but again, this is something that’s easier to take care of before rather than after your home is complete. Retrofitting downlights can be done, of course, but from the wiring to the cutting holes in your roof, it’s not a quick fix!

Underfloor heating

As with most heating and cooling methods, installing underfloor heating is relatively inexpensive when building, but will cost an arm and a leg should you want it down the line. So, if you very much dislike the feeling of cold floors underfoot during winter, it’ll pay to plan ahead and make the investment from the get-go.

Ceiling fans

Even if your new home includes air-conditioning, a ceiling fan can be a great addition for those days when some gentle air circulation is all you need. They’re cheap to install and far more energy-efficient than running the cooling throughout the entire house. Perfect to install in the living room or bedrooms. There are some very aesthetic options on the market these days, so chat with your builder or design consultant to see what’s available.

A security system

Installing a security system will ensure your new home, and your family is safe as houses! Adding a security system will require plenty of wiring, so it’s not really the type of thing you want to do retroactively. If you can include it in the construction of your new home, it’s a convenient way to go.