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Kororoit Precinct Plan

The Kororoit Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) will guide new urban development in the Kororoit area where you will find Bowery Deanside.

This PSP was approved in February 2018, and guides how approximately 925 hectares of land is expected to be developed, and how / where services are planned to support development. The Kororoit PSP will deliver over 2,000 jobs and will support a residential community of around 25,875 people in approximately 9,200 new homes.

The Kororoit Creek watercourse will also help shape the structure of the Kororoit PSP and will be a key connection for areas in the developing community. According to the Victorian Planning Authority, “every effort has been made to weave in the natural features of the landscape into the development plans, ensuring native grasslands are protected and indigenous plants will flourish throughout”.

Bowery falls within the Urban Growth Zone of the Planning Scheme adjacent to the rural conservation zone of the Kororoit Creek. Future residents will have access to large open spaces, the Kororoit Creek and bicycle networks.

Other proposed amenities in the Kororoit PSP include:

  • Kororoit Regional Park
  • Two Local Town Centres with shopping, community facilities and local services immediately accessible from residential areas
  • Dedicated off-road walking and cycling paths
  • Sporting reserves
  • Indoor recreation facilities
  • Local neighbourhood parks
  • A government secondary school, two government primary schools and a potential non-government primary school
  • Nature conservation areas

For more information on the Kororoit PSP click here.