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New Melton Hospital for Melbourne’s Northwest

When choosing where to build your home, ensuring you’re nearby a local hospital might not be on top of everyone’s priority list. Nevertheless, it’s definitely reassuring to know if something happens, you’ll have access to the very best possible services and care. That’s why at Bowery Deanside, we’re so excited to hear about the latest progress on the new hospital proposed for the City of Melton.

Ensuring the wellbeing of the northwest

As our community grows, so to does the need for essential infrastructure like healthcare and hospitals. This is especially true in light of our current pandemic predicament and the increased need for quality healthcare into the future.

The Victorian Government has committed to building a new hospital in Melton and is currently developing a Business Case, due to be completed by the end of 2020. Informed by a recent survey of local residents, the $2.4 million Business Case will determine the capacity and range of services offered at the new Melton Hospital. It will also outline how the facility will link into other hospitals in the region in order to deliver the best possible care and services for our growing community.

The preferred location for the new Melton Hospital, which will be managed by Western Health, is near Cobblebank railway station. That means the state of the art, 24-hour facility will be just 15 minutes from Bowery upon completion.

New Melton Hospital for Melbourne's Growing Northwest

Health and prosperity

Not only will a new local hospital cater for the immediate and future health needs of a growing region, but it will also provide much needed economic stimulus.

A recent report conducted by WoMEDA (West of Melbourne Economic Development Alliance) has found that a future Melton Hospital will create more than 4000 jobs, and play a significant role in addressing COVID-19-related job losses in the City of Melton.

The report also finds that a new Melton hospital would add $300 million to the region’s economy annually and create 3,825 ongoing jobs and 375 construction jobs. This would provide a much-needed boost to the post-pandemic economy.

So what next? While the State Government is still in the exploratory and planning stages of its Business Case, the local council is encouraging the acquisition of land and a commitment of funding for the project. City of Melton and WoMEDA are advocating the government to acquire land in Cobblebank in 2020, begin construction in 2022, and to have a fully operational hospital by 2026.

As more investment is poured into the northwest, it sure does make the future look extra bright for Bowery residents! To find more health services located near Bowery Deanside, click here.