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How to Pick the Right Block of Land

As you plan your new home, one of your primary considerations is picking the block of land it will sit on. Your block of land needs to suit the home design you have in mind and complement your lifestyle choices.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right block.


The very first thing most homeowners look at when buying a block of land is the location. Is it close to public roads and highways? Are there shopping centres, schools, medical facilities and local services nearby? Knowing all of these is important for a convenient lifestyle.

Luckily, Bowery Deanside ticks all these boxes. Situated close to the established services of Caroline Springs and Taylors Hill, and located between the Western Freeway and Melton Highway, Bowery offers great lifestyle opportunities and connectivity for its residents.


Another factor your need to consider is how big your block will be. If you have additional requirements for your dream home, like a garage space or a big back garden, is t he block big enough? Are you building a double storey or single storey home? The size of your block of land can contribute a lot in bringing your desired floorplan to life.


The right block orientation can a dictate the outcome of your home design. A block with a north-facing yard can allow for natural light during daytime and help to regulate your home’s temperature during summer and winter. Different block orientations will also help you to maintain an energy-efficient home during all seasons.


Lastly, you’ll need to consider your budget. The block of land is just one aspect of your home building journey as you’ll also need to consider site costs, potential rock removal, and any other fees associated with building your dream home on your selected block of land. Opting for a house and land package is a great way to keep within your budget.

At Bowery Deanside we have land for sale in varied sizes that can complement your budget and lifestyle. See more here.