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Primary Education Near Bowery Deanside

Good education is an essential tool for children to grow and develop into their fullest potential. Bowery Deanside recognises the need for residents to easily access schools and learning centres near the area, and we have complied a list of primary schools within the vicinity for our future residents.

Kings Park Primary School

Kings Park Primary School takes the wellbeing and academic progress of their students seriously. Out of 452 enrolees, 77% come from a non-English speaking background representing 38 nationalities, making the school a centre of multiculturalism. While students are expected to achieve their personal best in literacy and numeracy, they are also encouraged to take part in sports, music, and play. The school offers an array of facilities that will ensure students can maximise their avenue to learn, with a multimedia centre, gymnasium, sports ovals, and art/craft centre to kitchen garden, extensive playgrounds and a managed canteen. There is also a vegetable garden where students can participate in regular sessions of planting, watering, and caring for plants.

Address: 128b Gillespie Road, Kings Park

Phone number: (03) 9367 6555   


Taylors Hill Primary School

At Taylors Hill Primary School, learning, honesty, integrity, personal best, and positive relationships are valued. The school does not only focus on academic excellence but also provides opportunities for students to develop their skills, interests, and knowledge, while also teaching students to take responsibility for their own learning. The school encourages a dynamic partnership between staff, students, and parents for a positive and successful learning journey. The supportive learning environment is conducive in addressing the individual needs of each student. Specialists classes are also offered for those who want to learn science, visual arts, performing arts, physical education, and Italian.

Address: 40-50 Loddon Drive, Taylors Hill

Phone number: (03) 9361 4900


Christ the Priest

With the Gospel values at the centre of its teachings, Christ the Priest aims to develop the talents and capacities that will shape the successful adult life of students. Knowledge in numeracy and English are given prominence but students are also taught the ability to be resilient and flexible. Putting the students’ wellbeing first, the school endeavours to nurture their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development. The school has developed a community where staff and parents work with each other to develop activities that will bring people together.

Address: 54 Caroline Springs Blvd, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 9361 8600


St George Preca Primary School

The sister school of Christ the Priest, St. George Preca Primary School opened in 2009. In every aspect of school life, the beliefs and practices of the Catholic faith guide and lead the students. The staff help them recognise the presence of God not just in their lives but also in those around them and in their environment. Each individual’s needs are taken into consideration and learning is stimulated through play and project-based approach.  As the lifelong educators of their children in faith development, parents are offered an opportunity to attend and participate in information sessions regarding the three sacraments students celebrate during their Primary School years.

Address: 22-48 Lancefield Dr, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 8390 7352


Cana Catholic Primary School

Opened in 2004 in the suburb of Hillside, Cana Catholic Primary School is the third Catholic primary school in the Sacred Heart Parish where there is a strong, valued, and nurtured link between the Parish and the school. Staff, students, and families work together for lifelong learning. Each child is encouraged to develop self-discipline based on the Gospel teachings of responsibility, respect, truth, fairness, and reconciliation. The school also places importance on social and emotional learning, embedding it in their policies, resources, and strategies. To equip students with necessary skills in handling difficult situations, they are taught to practice assertiveness and recognise their rights and responsibilities.

Address: 46 Banchory Avenue, Hillside

Phone number: (03) 8390 9200


Kororoit Creek Primary School

Kororoit Creek Primary School is one of 11 Public-Private Partnership schools in Victoria. As a fully authorised IB World School offering a Primary Years Program, the school uses the both the PYP and the AUSVels framework. The curriculum aims to develop the international mindset of students, encouraging them to create a better world through recognising and understanding their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet. They are taught how to be communicators, risk-takers, inquisitive, reflective, knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, balanced, and caring. The school strives to give students an authentic learning experience through a constructivist approach where their perception of the world is revisited and revised as they encounter new experiences and further learning. 

Address: 130 Tenterfield Drive, Burnside Heights

Phone number: (03) 8358 0600


Brookside College

Located in Caroline Springs, Brookside College is a government primary school that draws students from a wide range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Through high-class educational practices and contemporary pedagogy, students are guided through integrated phases of learning. It utilises the 21st century skills framework to foster and balance students’ development in intellectual, physical, cultural, social aspects. Creative and critical thinking are developed as well as their ability to lead. The school aims to help them form meaningful connections and fulfil their duties to the community and the environment. The values of support, teamwork, achievement, and respect are cultivated in each student.

Address: Federation Way, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 7379 1555


Creekside College

With early years and middle years structure, from Kinder to Year 9, Creekside College accommodates approximately 1,500 students. Excellent academic performance is greatly expected from students, and they are duly guided by competent and highly skilled teachers. Teachers are trained to build the culture of shared responsibility for student performance and improvement. Student wellbeing is the school’s priority.

Address: The Crossing, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 8363 6400


Bacchus Marsh Grammar Primary School

Expected to open in 2019, Bacchus Marsh Grammar Primary School in Aintree will cater for students in Prep to Year 6. The school will embody the values, principles, and curriculum of Bacchus Marsh Grammar that appreciate individual difference, personal development, academic growth, and pastoral care. While the campus is still under construction, prefilled classes will commence at the Maddingley Campus in 2018.

Address: 5-7 Quarry Road, Aintree

Contact number: (03) 5366 4900