Latest News - January

Save up to $15K* on Bowery Townhomes

We’re very excited to announce that for a limited time, eligible buyers can save up to $15K* on our exquisite collection of turnkey townhomes at Bowery! That means you could secure the very best in modern living from just $399,900!*

This amazing saving is all thanks to the government’s HomeBuilder Grant. This COVID-era stimulus scheme has been exceedingly popular. No doubt you would have heard HomeBuilder has been extended until 31 March 2021. This is amazing news for buyers who have their homeownership goals set for the year ahead!

And if you’re a first home buyer, you could save a further $10K if you’re eligible for the First Home Owners Grant. These additional savings will be a fantastic leg up if you’ve been saving up for your first home. After all, turnkey townhomes at Bowery are an amazing option for those trying to get their foot on the property ladder! Each design in our townhome collection includes everything you need to move in as soon as the build is finished. Think timber laminate flooring, stone benchtops and designer landscaping, even your letterbox!

To secure your turnkey townhome at Bowery and save $15K*, click here to enquire before lots sell out! Lots in our current releases are limited and HomeBuilder won’t be around forever! Register your interest today or call 0427 875 118 today.


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