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Secondary Education near Bowery Deanside

Conveniently situated  within close proximity to several secondary schools, Bowery understands that children’s learning is at the top of parent’s priority lists. With an array of secondary schools, there are so many choices for future residents and their childrens’ education.

Copperfield College

Copperfield College goes by the maxim, “Three homes, one family”. It is made up of three campuses – two located in Kings Park and Sydenham for students in Years 7 to 10, and one in Delahey for Years 11 and 12 students. The junior campuses deal with smaller teams of students which enables the teachers to monitor the needs of each individual and nurture their positive relationship with the college. In the senior campus, students are encouraged to develop confidence as they strive to take their places in the world. Focusing on excellence, the college reaps the rewards with their consistent and outstanding results in VCE.


Phone number: (03) 9307 5555

Brookside College

Located in Caroline Springs, Brookside College is a government secondary school that aims to nurture the intellectual, physical, cultural, and social development of students within the 21st century skills framework. Anchored on the belief that each student has the ability to learn, the school maintains pastoral care for each individual student, from the initial enrolment to post school experience. Students are taught to think creatively and critically, learn to lead, make the most of their abilities, form meaningful connections and realise their duty to the wider community and environment. The college embodies the values of support, teamwork, achievement and respect.

Address: Federation Way, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 7379 1555


Gilson College

Part of a worldwide system of Christian education, Gilson College provides students with primary and secondary education. Through excellence education, the school intends to help develop people of integrity and Christian character. Students are provided with the opportunity to achieve maximum development intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically. God’s will and teachings are at the centre of the curriculum, giving emphasis to education not only as a preparation for life in society but also for future eternity. The value of persistence, personal responsibility and respect are encouraged in every student. The college adheres to the principles and practice of Australian democracy.

Address: 450 Taylors Road, Taylors Hill

Phone number: (03) 9365 9365


Creekside College

Creekside College, with its early years and middle years structure, accommodates approximately 1,500 students. The school is guided by the values of responsibility, honesty, respect and acceptance. Students are expected to achieve strong academic performance, guided by committed and highly skilled teachers. The school aims to build the culture of shared responsibility for student performance and improvement among teachers. There are people who safeguard the wellbeing of students, from counsellors to school nurses. The college provides the best possible learning environments with its extensively developed buildings, portable classrooms, court and asphalted areas for games and recreation, and well-kept grounds. A wide range of co-curricular activities are also offered, from instrumental music and performing arts to lunchtime clubs and sporting activities.

Address: The Crossing, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 8363 6400


Catholic Regional College Sydenham

Catholic Regional College in Sydenham enables students to become lifelong learners equipped with skills to adapt and thrive in a changing world. Through a Eucharistic community, the college endeavours to teach, challenge, and transform the world. The community nourishes each individual’s personal relationship with Christ while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all. Students are guided by Gospel values, helping them grow in faith, learn respect, and achieve academic excellence. They are also taught to develop a pathway plan in preparation for life beyond secondary school. The school’s charter of learning and teaching imparts to students the importance of commitment, engagement, empowerment, and critical thinking.

Address: 380 Sydenham Road, Sydenham

Phone number: (03) 9361 0000


Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs

Catholic Regional College in Caroline Springs has a diverse curriculum intended to help students develop in every aspect—academic, spiritual, physical and social. The programmes they offer reflect their motto, “Live Fully – Act Justly”. The college strives to provide students with the chance to make the most of what life has to offer and to reach their highest potential. It follows a framework that does not only take the discipline-based knowledge traditionally taught, but also makes room for areas of technology, information communication and social relationships. Creating a positive culture is espoused by the school policy. There are processes and strategies put in place to ensure the wellbeing of students and maintain a positive learning environment.

Address: 10 College St, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 9217 8000


Southern Cross Grammar

A co-educational and non-denominational school, Southern Cross Grammar ensures that students are provided with the highest quality of learning and facilities from their formative years to adulthood. They are considered as active and lifelong learners and are taught how to respond with confidence when faced with complex situations. Academic, sporting and cultural opportunities are provided. The school offers a comprehensive, liberal curriculum that empowers students to achieve their full potential through a teaching method that encompasses both traditional and innovative teaching and learning.

Address: 2 – 20 Lancefield Drive, Caroline Springs

Phone number: (03) 8363 2000