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Single Storey or Double Storey? Here Are the Pros and Cons

When building your home, one of the primary considerations is deciding on a single storey or double storey home. The design of your home will determine the floor plan that will suit you and your family’s needs and the budget that you need to set aside.

Do you need more space? Does your block of land allow it? If you want to know which one is best for your preference and lifestyle, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of double and single-storey homes below.

Pros and Cons of Single Storey Homes

In single storey homes, floor plans are maximised, with open-plan living spaces that make any room accessible. Everything you need is on one floor.

It’s also ideal for families with small children or old relatives as potential difficulties or dangers caused by flights of stairs and high windows are considerably reduced.

Compared to its double-storey counterpart, single storey homes are generally cheaper. They take less time to build and are easier to maintain in the long run.

However, if you want a bigger space for your growing family, a single storey home may not be able to provide as much space, especially if your block of land doesn’t allow for it. It also means you need to sacrifice a larger yard and garden if you are planning to expand.

Pros and Cons of Double Storey Homes

One of the best advantages of a double storey home is its abundance of space. This is especially useful if the size of your block of land is small; building up will allow you more rooms and extra space for a backyard.

Those with bigger families will appreciate the privacy that double storey homes provide. Bedrooms and bathrooms may be situated upstairs, and living rooms and the kitchen area give you more privacy for rest and relaxation downstairs.

If your block of land has a beautiful view, a double storey house can capitalise on it by putting the living areas upstairs.

The main disadvantage of a double storey home is it’s slightly more expensive to build and maintain. Having separate areas across two different floors can also make heating and cooling your home more expensive.

In Conclusion

Deciding on your home design takes careful consideration. Your decision comes down to the value that you will get and your capacity in terms of time and budget. Weighing the pros and cons of both single storey and double storey homes can help you to make up your mind.

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