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Tech to Utilise in Your New Home

There are so many technological innovations that make achieving a ‘smart home’ possible, with more and more Australians embracing the “internet of things” and turning their comfortable abode into an efficient retreat.

Most of your appliances can be connected to the internet – from air-conditioners and thermostats to lights and even your garage doors. This allows you to remotely access and control them with the simple use of voice command or through your mobile device.

Are you wondering what tech devices you should implement in your home? We’ve gathered some of the best smart home ideas for you.

Smart Lighting

Why not start by automating the lights in your home. Installing smart lighting to the key parts of your home, like your walk-in pantry or foyer, can be extremely convenient.

These lights feature motion detectors that automatically switch on when you arrive and switch off when you leave. Some can be programmed to be turned on or off at certain times of the day, or increased or reduced depending on the level of natural light in the home. This form of lighting automation makes for a more energy-efficient home.

Family Entertainment

If your family loves movie nights, binge-watching TV shows or playing video games, then integrating a home theatre system into your entertainment room could be a great initiative. Some features of a home theatre system include closing the blinds and dimming the lights the moment you press play on your controls. It can also bring the lights back up after pressing pause.

This smart technology can also monitor your children’s viewing experience by setting the volume to a pre-set level and designating a bed time for them, which means the TV will turn off when it’s time for them to go to bed.

Home Security

Everyone wants a safe and secure home. You can enhance the safety and security of your home through smart home security devices. Some will let you access your CCTV stream through your smartphone when you’re away or allow you to program your doors to automatically lock after dark.

When it comes to security cameras, some models notify you with a phone alert or send photos via email whenever it detects activity outside your home. They can also come equipped with a built-in speaker, making it possible for you to talk and listen through the device.

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