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Things to do When You Move Into Your New Home

Before you know it, it’ll be move-in day for a bunch of Bowery residents, as more and more begin building their new homes! This is an extremely exciting milestone, and one that comes with a seemingly infinite to do list. Now, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to moving. However, there are a few excellent places to start to ensure a smooth transition.

Get unpacking

Once the boxes are inside your brand-new Bowery home, try to make a dent in the unpacking asap! You’ll feel instantly more at home once your things are in their place. Start with the essentials, like the kitchen and bedrooms and resist the urge to put it off! Don’t forget a snack to ensure you have plenty of energy to unpack. And yes, there will be at least one box that never gets opened and lives in your garage until the end of time.

Make it squeaky clean

When construction is finished on your new home, your builder will usually conduct a builder’s clean of the property. This will ensure most dust and debris is removed from all surfaces in your home. However, there may be some extra cleaning required to get the place looking spick and span. Especially after the whirlwind of moving day!

Set up your utilities

When moving, it pays to be as organised as possible, especially when it comes to having our essentials catered for. For example, when it comes to hooking up your utilities — electricity, gas, internet and so on — it helps to have your dates aligned and contracts ready to go.

Make the bed

Sounds obvious right? But trust us, you’ll be grateful if making the bed is one of your first priorities. That way, you’ll be able to crash after a long day of unpacking and setting up your new home!

Change your address

Updating your address is an important step to prioritise. Don’t forget to redirect your mail with Australia Post and update your details on any of your important accounts. Think your drivers licence, banking, super, your kid’s school and so on.


Moving day is a busy one, but don’t forget to take some time to celebrate this exciting time! Once the boxes, bags and furniture are all unloaded, grab your loved ones and pour yourself a glass. Celebrate your hard work and take a moment to appreciate this new life step. You’ve earned it!