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Tips for Building on a Small Block of Land

Choosing to build on a smaller block of land is one clever way to get into the property market. It’s also the perfect choice if you’re keen to downsize, but want to build a home that’s just right for you. But building on a smaller lot doesn’t mean you have to forgo the luxuries of a larger home or compromise on location. The trick is to build a well designed home that allows you to maximise the available space. Here are five tips to help you achieve just that!

Make the most of your available space

First and foremost, maximising space means open plan living. By removing extra doors, walls and hallways, the floorplan will flow better and your family will feel more connected. Open plan living is not a new concept, it’s a popular design tool that has been used for years in many new homes. This kind of home layout really makes small rooms seem much larger and allows more natural light to travel through the home.

Be creative with outdoor space

Australians are all about outdoor living, and even with a home on a smaller block, that lifestyle is still within reach. If you have the space for a courtyard or even a modest garden, enhance the outdoor feel by incorporating a vertical garden, lots of herbs or potted colour to make it feel lush. For bonus outdoor space, choose a block situated near parks or gardens to give you more room to play.

Get clever with storage

In a smaller home, you really can’t afford to skimp on storage. Otherwise, you run the risk of your home getting cluttered, quickly! Home designs built for smaller blocks will make use of under stair storage, walk-in robes, linen closets and walk-in pantries to give you ample space to tuck things away. Also, be sure to incorporate additional storage solutions in areas that would otherwise be wasted space – like built-ins or storage under the kitchen island bench.

Build up and build smart

You will find many floorplans designed for smaller blocks are double storey. This really opens up a lot of opportunities, especially if you require more room to accommodate a larger family. In a double storey home, the second floor can be a dedicated sleep zone, which allows you to make the most of the first floor living space.

Not only should you consider a second level when building on a smaller block, but high ceilings and large windows too. These don’t take up extra room on your floorplan, but they are very effective at creating a sense of space. Skylights and floor to ceiling windows are also great to enhance the flow between indoor and outdoor living areas.

And lastly, sliding doors and pocket doors take up much less room than standard opening doors, so definitely discuss these options with your builder.

Include multi-purpose rooms

The beauty of multi-purpose spaces is they can change as your family grows. Depending on your needs, you could opt to create a theatre room, home gym, guest bedroom – whatever you fancy. And lastly, if you don’t work from home regularly, don’t dedicate an entire room to a study. Otherwise, it will be an underutilised room that could be better used for something else. Instead, opt for a study nook to once again maximise space.

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